Friday, April 27, 2007


No really! Thank goodness it is Friday.

The first week of May if finals week for me, so everything has been going crazy here. I've got lots of papers and projects due and then I've got a bunch of other random things popping up that just "have to be done". For example, the internet/cable bill came yesterday and it was $30 more than normal. WTH? So, I've got to call them to find out why they decided to randomly charge more for their services. *sigh* I've also got an old dog house in my backyard that needs to be torn down. My dad thinks maybe that could be part of the ant infestation problem, so I think this weekend I may go at the dog house with a hammer or maybe a hatchet and a lot of poison. Grrr! (I came up with that hatchet idea after squishing an ant that was taking a stroll across my arm. *growls*)

Okay, not something to really get that excitable about, but for those of you that were wondering about the Google Adsense that is located on the side of my page....well, yeah. Reaching $100 for that first pay out is going to be a little rough, but I thought I'd go ahead and post how much money is in my Adsense account to keep you all updated on my progress and help you see how fast *snickers* the cash comes rolling in. =) I think I just posted something like a whole $0.41 in my account, but I'll try to update weekly. I'm still not impressed with the ads they are slapping up there, but on occasion there are some interesting ones.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Breakfast: Nature Valley Oats and Honey cereal (This stuff is YUM! I don't like cereal very much, but I'd highly recommend it!! If you click the link, at the top of the page click on "products" and at the bottom of that page is a picture of the box. Click that picture and all the nutrition info pops up.) with 1/2 cup of 2% milk
Lunch: Leftovers! 2 soft shelled tacos (see yesterday)
Dinner: I'm going to eat out probably something very, very bad for me =)


Anonymous said...

I have no idea how to get rid of ants but I wish you luck babes :)

Chris H said...

Yep, you are gunna get rich quick with that eh? Hope it picks up for you! Have a wonderful weekend.

HamiHarri said...

boo about the ants - but super cool about the adsense! i too have adsense (started a couple of days after I began my blog) I am already at $15.56!!! Crazy I know - but I posted my blog on my facebook so I think that might have helped. I'll be sure to "check out" your ads when I am on your site - perhaps if any of mine are of interest you could do the same?

Oh, I also wanted to let you know that I was looking at my Skittles Gum package the other day (my nature nut friend and I were trying to figure out if there was some weird chemical that would not allow it to be sold in Canada) and it turns out that it is made in Canada! WTH?! Anyhoo, I had a good laugh about that.

Fiance and I are planning a trip to vegas in September for my b-day, do you mind if I bug with some questions in the next few months seeing how you seem to enjoy it there so much?