Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Poker Chip Key Chain

I bought a poker chip key chain yesterday! yay! I'm so excited about vegas that I can hardly sit still as I type this...just wish that excitement would help me excercise a bit more. hehe. I do think that I've been eating well this week though, so hopefully that will help me with my weight loss goals.

I couldn't find any cool looking poker chips to make into maganets for my fridge and filing cabinet (in my make-shift office at home), but those are the next step in finding a little inspiration.

Oh my goodness! I am so excited! Flamingo Hotel, here I come!!!


Chris H said...

Stop spending ya money on "things" and save it for your trip ya ninny! Have a great day!

VegasGirl said...

Well, in my defense, I got they key chain from the $1 store and it was half price =0p

Chris H said...

ok, ok, you are a clever shopper, dont take offense eh?

VegasGirl said...

*giggles* how could I take offense when I'm learning a whole new language. I love talking to people from New Zealand and Canada. For your contribution, I'm slowly trying to find ways to work the word "tart" and "ninny" into my vocabulary. hehe. Too much fun! Thanks for stopping by chris =)

Anonymous said...

I want! I want !I want a poker chip key chain too :) Way to go my fellow Vegas girl, are you going to see any shows when you are there? I might see Celine and O but I know I have to choose...decesions ...descisions Have a great day babes

Linda said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I'm sure gonna check my car door handles in future...teehee I had forgot all about that little trick that the kids used to do. I just remembered it this morning, I never did it

HEY!! Glad to see the countdown....fab aren't they?

Oh I just noticed Chris saying "ninny" we say that here in the UK and tart but I didn't think they said ninny in NZ.

Ok, feel free to drop by any time

take care

Chris H said...

"sook" = cry baby
have a great day! And try going to a gym or where ever once in a while, it's great for ya!

KL said...

To answer your question on my blog about my credit card ...
They've never questioned when I've legitimately been out of town. However, when I spend money in two different parts of the country on the same day, they start to wonder!