Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fiber One Bars

I'm going out with the boyfriend all day, so I won't get to blog anything for tonight probably. My thought of the day:

I think Julie was the person that raved about Fiber One bars...So I decided to go try them out. Nutritionally speaking, I'm not 100% sold on these little bars, but they do taste yummy. I'm a texture kind of gal, so that seemed a little odd to me. It took until about half way through the bar for me to figure it out. It had the texture of a popcorn ball! Kind of sticky sweet, I had the peanut butter variety.

Overall: Taste = yum! but I am slightly curious if it is worth the extra calories. I might snag my MIL's WW counter and check points tonight just because I'm curious.

OMG! Why didn't someone tell me I was so LATE!! I'll edit this tomorrow with more info!

Fiber One Bar --Oats and Peanut Butter
150 calories
4.5g fat
9g Fiber
3g Protein

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Anonymous said...

yum fiber one bars, we don't have those in canada :( I want I want...I just booked my tickets for Celine Dion..I can't wait for Vegas :)