Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm sleepy

Well, my family communication course is over. I turned in my last paper today. Hopefully it went well and I'll get an "A" in that class.

I walked a mile today. That was good! I also went out to eat with my little sister (we're celebrating it being the end of the semester), which was bad. I totally over indulged, but I loved every minute of it. hehe. I dunno, sometimes I feel like it is better if you just go ahead and "go for it" without that feeling bad afterwards. For me, it seemed like a much deserved night out.

Yeah, did I mention, I'm sleepy? Off to bed I go. I have more finals in the morning. *waves*

I read/watched this on Livys-weightloss-journey-to-loving-herself . I very rarely get sentimental or moved by online stories, but this one really touched my heart. To think I whine about having to walk a mile =0/ Read the "this" link, I'm pretty sure you'll be happy that you did...or at least that it will give you a little different perspective on your day.


Livy said...

I was gobsmacked by this clip too. Makes you realize how precious every day really is, and how much we are capable of if we set our minds to it! By the way... great blog!

celtic_girl said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog today. I survivied (for today at least).Have a good week.

Linda said...

Well done on handing in your last paper and good luck!! I'm sure you will have done great!!
Feels great to finish work that has to be handed in doesn't it? And getting to the end of things, I was like that during my Beauty Therapy course.

Pink n Whites are pink n white marshmallows sandwiched between two wafers and are only 0.5pt but the more you eat in one day they do actually increase in points, i.e.

1 = 0.5pts
2 = 1.5pts
3 = 2pts
and so on

I will check out Livys weight loss journey.


HamiHarri said...

Here's hoping your exams/papers/finals are going well. It's funny, sometimes I miss school (I just graduated last June) so much that I would like to start a course, and then I remember how much time it would take away from all this wedding planning ;) My sister asked me the other day what am I going to do once the wedding is over - it was a good question because I'm not really sure what I did before :) So perhaps I will start a course then? Or plan a wicked/frugal trip to Europe?

Anyhoo, yeah the google ads can be random...I check out the forum all the time - they too use google ads and they had an ad on their site (not their choice I'm sure) for mail order brides! LOL

Anonymous said...

way to go on walking a mile, taht is awesome. Good luck with your finals today and I am sure you got an A