Thursday, April 26, 2007

No motivation

Oh my goodness! I need help!!! I'm so "bleh" feeling it isn't even funny. I can't get excited about anything this week. I just want to crawl back into bed and sleep. This rainy weather has got to stop!

The rain has got to stop, not just for my energy level to go back up, but so I can get outside and spray my yard again. Please, please, PLEASE if you know of any sollutions for keeping ants out of the house (other than cleaning, I've done that!) let me know. I'm seriously about ready to pull my hair out over this ant problem. Right after moving into this house, I noticed that there were some ants in the kitchen, so I made sure to wipe down everything after cooking and I sprayed some poioson stuff around the kitchen (I know, real healthy, huh? Spraying poison in the kitchen. yum, yum!) and that kept the ants away for a couple of months. Then, they moved in downstairs! I squished a couple and they smelled like the poison I'd sprayed months ago. I bought some little, round ant traps with food in them. They flocked to the stuff and they were gone. Winter came and went without any ants, but as soon as the spring weather hit, they were back by the ZILLIONS. They were in the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement. I bought some more ant bait traps and that cut down on the population. I sprayed outside the house and put down little ant repellent pellets around the foundation, but I still have ants. It is SOOO gross. I hate it so bad *pouts*

Speaking of pulling my hair out over the ant situation, I cut my hair. Come on ladies, a drastic measure had to be taken to help beat Jf's weight loss record!! LoL. Just joking (I've been oh so bad this week) but darn it! If I don't lose at least a little bit I'll be mad. I cut 5 to 6 inches off my hair. It had been down almost touching my butt and now it is sitting on top of my shoulders. Honestly, the lady that cut it took more than I wanted, but the great thing about hair is it will come back =)

Here is what I ate today (I have to write it now because I know Chris loves it so much =0p )

Breakfast: Fiber One bar and 1 liter of water
Lunch: Pasta (little sis cooked and that's about all she makes. hehe)
Dinner: Soft shell tacos. I bought 93% beef and tortillas with only 0.5g fat and some fat free cheese.
Snack: Peanuts. Way too many peanuts. I probably ate about a serving and a half while discussing with the sis what we should make for dinner. Oh yeah, I also had a string cheese and a 100 calorie pack of grasshopper cookies. Have I mentioned that I've been bad?


Chris H said...

Yeah thanks for that you tart! I don't mind other people writing what they eat, I just don't have to read it....the cheese was healthy, the cookie was not too high in points, but the peanuts were EVIL girl! Yaddy yaddy ya. Ants, you could get the exterminators in? Costs heaps but usually works long term. Have a great weekend, keep away from the peanuts you twit. Said EVER so nicely!

Lynnski said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm struggling with motivation too.
Except I have a weekend trip planned to Maine in 3 weeks from tomorrow. So I'd definitely like to lose some before then. That's my new current motivation. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I hate the rain yuks! Go away it is raining here in Montreal :(

Annieann77 said...

"Doktor Doom" is an excellent product for getting ride of ants!!

Last year it was so dry here in Canada that everyone seemed to have an ant problem, thankfully ours stayed outside and we just had ant hills all over our front lawn. We tried the "Doktor Doom" product and those little buggers died almost instant and their eggs too!! I highly recommend it but I'm not sure if it's available in the States!?

I HATE bugs/ insects!!!

VegasGirl said...

I've never heard about or seen that product before, but I'll go look for it this weekend.

My dad is a science teacher, so I've never been too upset by creepy-crawly things, but these ants are way past just making me mad. I want to kill every single one of them!!!

Mark said...

Hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Im going to make that a regular feature now thanks to yourself. Only thought about it today and a result already.

Good luck and keep going

Thank You Mark