Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Can I weigh in today?!?!

I know for a fact that I lost 1 pound today! hehe. I donated blood today and according to the blood bank volunteers, that is how much a pint of blood weighs. Not something I would have ever thought to ask, but the guy sitting next to me was very chatty and that was one of the questions he asked.

Donating blood always makes me feel "bleh" afterwards. I'm so tired and worn out, but I always tell myself that I'm a lot better off than the person that will be receiving my blood. =0) I drank my two liters of water today because they say it is really important to rehydrate yourself, but UGH! I'm not bouncing back from this donation experience nearly as quickly as I normally do. I actually feel a little sick in the belly, as well as light headed this time around. I'm off to bed early to hopefully feel better when I wake up in the morning.

Review on Egg Beaters:

Hmm....I tried my egg beaters this morning. I measured out 6 eggs (I was sharing with my little sister) to make a couple of breakfast burritos. Since I knew I was going to donate blood, I really wanted to make sure I ate a big breakfast. The directions on the egg beaters say not to stir or flip the eggs until the sides/bottom is kind of done. I tried to follow the directions as best as possible. They cooked up a little flat (I'm used to big fluffy eggs made with milk and lots of butter...hehe...no I don't wonder why I'm a fat kid *razz*), so that disappointed me a little bit. Since I was putting them in a breakfast burrito, I put some green pepper and some onion in with the egg mix. When they were done, I dished them up onto a tortilla and topped mine with some yummy pico de gallo. I was REALLY disappointed in the egg's flavor. I didn't think there was any flavor at all. they were just kind of blah. Next time I cook, I'm definately going to season the egg mix up a little bit. I guess it could be considered a slightly good thing that they were blah, because half way through my burrito I was done. No reason to eat something if it doesn't taste that good. I definately didn't feel the need to clean my plate. My little sis (who said she'd try anything once and consented fully to eating the Egg Beaters with me) thought the eggs were bleh too. She isn't too thrilled with the idea of trying them again. For me, I'm not 100% sure what I think, possibly just buying regular eggs and only using the eggs white might be better/easier/cheaper for me.

Today's food:

Breakfast burrito (3 eggs worth of Egg Beaters, green pepper, onion, flour tortilla, pico de gallo)
1 cup V-8 fruit fusion
Lean Pockets 3 cheese quesidilla with chicken (it was okay, but I doubt I'll buy again)
Non-fat Cottage cheese and hot sauce (OMG! Still so in love with this hot sauce! thanks so much for buying it for me my bestest-best boyfriend!)
Made-at-home pizza (Cheese, Ragu red sauce, pepperoni, green pepper, onion, pizza crust)
5 hershey kisses (From that rascally Easter Bunny)

My food choices weren't "awful" today. I kept eating after giving blood hoping it would perk me up a little bit. I think the chocolate really helped, but that might have just been me needing to feel a little special. I know that made at home pizza was bad, my sister was in charge of cheese duty, and she went above and beyond the call **razz** However, I have to hand it to her, it was yummy.

OMG! I almost forgot!! Right after breakfast I did 10 minutes on the gazelle again. I bumped myself back down to beginner on the video again since my legs hurt for almost an entire week after doing intermediate. LoL. I know, not exactly forward progression, but me doing any excersise at all is a pretty big WOW in my book. hehe.

Take care everyone!


Annieann77 said...

I bought the Origonal Egg Beaters and the Cheese and chive one and I must say that the origonal one was definately bland! I didn't care for them at all but the Cheese and chive one was much better!! Plus I added black pepper, mushrooms, green pepper and a little garlic to the cheese n' chive one! ;) (maybe that's why it was better?)

I wish I donated blood, I always want to but just never seem to get around to doing it! I don't even know what blood type I am! ?

VegasGirl said...

LoL. I have to admit, the first time I donated it was for purely selfish reasons, I wanted to know my blood type. It is really easy for me to remember to donate, they come do the collection on my college campus and it is always fun because there is generally a free t-shirt for getting involved. I'm almost convinced, a college student will do anything for something free. =)

Thanks for the info on the other flavors of egg beaters. The store I went to only had the regular egg beaters, maybe I'll try another store for the flavored kind.

Chris H said...

Now why have I never thought of donating blood as a way of losing weight???? BAD IDEA ME THINKS.... especially as I am totally terrified of needles! Good on you for doing it... but if it makes you feel so blah afterwards, why do it? Or are you just a bloody nice person? lol

Anonymous said...

hey there fellow vegas girl, thanks for the post on my blog, I love your blog and the tickers are a great idea, do you mind if I do the same, hope to speak to ya soon