Friday, May 18, 2007


I'll be back later. =) I woke up early to do a favor for the b/f that is out of town. Favor accomplished, I'm going back to bed. Tee hee. Napping by 9am is great. Gotta love college! know those days that you just
accomplish nothing worthwhile? Yeah, that
was today for me. I was supposed to work on
my garden which is brand new. *giggles* I'm
really looking forward to having one, but I have
a black thumb. Oh well, this is my brand new garden.

hehe. Yeah, as you can probably see, not much of a garden yet. =0) So far my plan is to plant some green peppers, carrots, basil, oregeno, rosemary, mint, maybe some chile peppers. I dunno what else I'll put out there. I have my doubts that any of it will grow, but the idea amuses me.

Hmm....what else did I do today? I really didn't feel like doing anything today and I hoped that leaving the house would help me get motivated to do, well, anything! I went to the $1 Store because right now, that is the only store in my price range. hehe. I have something to admit is a very guilty admission...I LOVE the $1 Store. It is so much fun! If I ever won the lottery, I think I could spend millions on useless junk. Today's useless junk that I chips, magnets, and super glue.

Don't notice the dirty fridge =0p

Yeah, the formatting on this post is going crazy. Apparently I'm not adding in pictures correctly or maybe my computer just hates me today. I dunno, but check out those magnets!! *giggles*
I've got another issue I'd like some insight on. I know why I didn't feel like doing anything. Yes, being lazy does add into that somewhat; however, most of the problem is not having a schedule. I don't technically *have* to do anything because I'm out of classes for the summer. I should be doing stuff, but I don't have an enforcement policy, so I get lazy. So, here is my problem. I'm really having trouble eating enough since I'm not scheduled. I'm not doing anything (other than beign lazy) so I'm not hungry, so on days like today, I find myself sitting around at 5pm having not eaten anything. I come to a new resolve after days like this to make sure I start a schedule, but I won't. I'm awful like that. I just can't keep track of time. Honestly, when I am in classes, I'm really bad about keeping time too. Think Absent Minded Professor. hehe.
Anyway, any suggestions on how to get all the calories/food groups I need in a day?


The Wooden Porch said...

I love the dollar store too! I spend way too much every time I go.

Just eat a lot of cupcakes before bed. :-)

HamiHarri said...

Dollar stores are great! Too bad around Victoria they are a "Buck or Two" and some items are up to $20! LOL

I miss univerisity having read your post...sleeping in on weekdays - odd hours of class...sigh

TrixieBelden said...

Vegasgirl, reading your post was like reading a page out of my life! I too am out of classes and have no schedule and as a result accomplish nothing and don't eat enough. I have decided to start small. I don't get up early enough, so one goal is to get up by 9:30am 3x per week. Another goal is to schedule an activity that forces me to get dressed and leave my apartment every day. You don't seem to have a problem leaving your apartment, but maybe more activity would help with the non-hunger issue. Create small goals that are attainable and you'll have a schedule you follow in no time!

As for the $1 store - I LOVED living near one in NYC. I don't have one near me here, but they are awesome. And I love your creativity with the poker chips, magnets and glue!

Kek said...

Gee, I don't know.... my stomach always tells me when it's time to eat. Maybe make an effort to eat at set times for a couple of weeks and see if your body starts to adust?

Black thumb, huh? Don't worry, green thumbs can be learned, they're not actually genetic!

Lyn said...

I used to be the same ... couldn't get all my calories in. Then I worked out I was actually scared of using up all my points and therefore wouldn't eat at the start of the day.

I decided to alot myself 5pts per meal and that seemed to help. The other thing I did was stock up on easy, quick, yummy, low point meals and snacks. Like frozen meals etc. So when I was lazy and couldnt be bothered cooking I could still have something low point.

Livy said...

They say a good rule of thumb really is 3 meals a day and 2 small snacks.
Think of yourself as a 'caveman' and what your ancestors would have lived on. Try to keep your diet as raw, and natural as possible. So basically try and stay away from anything processed and stick to natural foods. Like, a days eating would be Fruit and natural yogurt and honey for breakfast. 2 ryebread crackers with cottage cheese and tomato for morning tea. A salad with some protein like salad or chicken for lunch, maybe a fruit smoothie for afternoon tea, and a steak and veges with no potato for dinner! Eating food closest to it's natural form is the key to health and vitality! By the way, thanks for the kind comment on my blog!