Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just another day...

Not too much interesting going on here today. My sister and I rented some movies to help with our celebration of the end of the semester. We rented The Pursuit of Happyness and Man of the Year. Both were great movies. I'd really, really recommend The Pursuit of Happyness. I'm even considering buying it.

I made breakfast burritos with "garden" egg beaters. I'm still not super fond of the egg beaters, I think they cook up really funny, but my thought on them is still that they "aren't bad" I'll probably keep buying them because I do think it helps cut down the fat in my food intake.

I walked a little over a mile today! Yay me! However, the rain chased me inside, so I didn't get to go any further. I walked the first mile in about 16 minutes. Not the best time, but pretty decent for me. =) I'm thinking the next 3k I get to walk (in about 2 weeks) is still going to kick my arse. Hopefully though, I will be a little better prepared.

So, just a quick side note. I was thinking about all the great things that my boyfriend and I did the last time we were in Vegas and I wanted to tell you all about the Tournamet of Kings at Excalibur . It was SOOOO much fun! It is kind of a "dinner and a show" type thing. The dinner we got served was a soup (I think it was tomato), a small bird (hehe...I don't know what it was...a quail/hen/small chicken...lol...whatever it was, it was yummy!), a roll, a little bit of brocolli, and a few potatoe wedges (like big french fries). I'm sure there was some sort of sweet afterwards, but I don't remember what that was anymore. Anyway, after the yummy food (or midevil feast as they would say!) you get to see a show in the middle of the arena. Each audience section is a different country, so you get to cheer for a knight with your banner. The knights are on horseback and do all kinds of great stunts, including jousting! Then the horses are taken away and hand to hand sword combat occurs. This is all intermixed with some great pyro-technics from a sorcerer and dancing from several ladies in waiting. All in all, a GREAT night of entertainment. The tickets are a little pricey (I think they are something like $60 a piece) but you'll soon learn that all the shows in Vegas are expensive. At least this one comes with a dinner and it lasts for quite awhile. Plus, there are several 1/2 price show ticket places on the strip AND lots and lots of coupons and discounts located in and around show areas.

I'll post more things to do as I remember/think about them =D


Lynnski said...

I absolutely loved The Pursuit of Happyness. Definitely a movie worth owning.

Good Luck with the 3k. I'm sure you'll do great! Keep working hard!

HamiHarri said...

My fiancé LOVES this type of show - I have yet to be to a Medieval Feast. When we went to Orlando a few years ago we did go to the Arabian Nights Show (I think it is similar to the Medieval one) - I loved watching the horses etc. But, my honey said it couldn't compare to the Medieval one. When we go to Vegas in September (fingers crossed) I hope to check one out!

Linda said...

Beauty Therapy is very intersting and it is a lot more invovled than what folk think.

Okay to beauty.
You need to have a regular cleanse, tone and moisturising routine and exfoliate twice weekly.

I wish we did live closer because then I could analyse your skin.
When we do facials we start off with a superficial cleanse and tone AND THEN we swtich the light on a gorgeous large magnifying glass and look VERY closely at the clients skin...such fun but it is fantastic to see the problems if any on clients skin and then we know which products to use for their skin type.

If you are getting pimples on your forehead it could be to do with your hair if you have a fringe or you might be reacting to you shampoo.

I get pimples and I too have dry skin but I know why I get pimples. I tend to get pimples on my chin but they are from my OH's whiskers on his face.....doesn't shave enough...tut tut and when he gives me a kiss voila a zit appears.....heehee
Pimples can appear through a variety of different reasons.

Are you using the correct products for your skin type?
Are the pimples all over the face?
Is your skin dry & flaky and is it all over?
Do you have a dry flaky or oily T zone (dry or oily on the forehead, nose and chin)
What type of facial products are you using?
What routine do you have?
Are you on medication?

One of the best ways to learn about makeup is to just have a play with different colours also magazines have a lot of helpful tips. There a some fab makeup DVD's available also.
I learnt makeup application also in my course and there is quite a lot to learn about makeup and the appication i.e. face shape, age, skin type, what the client wants, if their makeup application is for a special occasion etc but one of the best ways to teach yourself is to play with makeup - Oh! and makeup brushes must be kept clean or that can cause pimples also. The best way to clean brushes is to wash them in a gentle hair shampoo, a one that you use and you dont react to.

My morning routine is my usual routine, having my bath, doing my hair & makeup, vacuuming done, kitchen floor, packed lunches etc I do that each and every morning but I got through it much quicker this morning

Sharon fruit I think is also called persimmon (spelling) and it looks like a large yellow tomato, it has a touch-ish skin and soft middle and is sweet, it's really nice.

WOW I have just wrote a novel but I could talk beauty for ever I love it....noticed on my blog on one of those fun question thingy's, I am 81% feminine...yeeehaaa
If I can help with your beauty problems over the internet then I will but what might be a nice treat is to have a lovely facial and then the therapist will analyse your skin and she will give you some great advice.
A facial is fantastic, your skin feels soooo clean for ages and ages after...absolutely BLISS!!


Linda said...

Ooops that should have said tough-ish and NOT touch-ish...teehee for the sharon fruit.

Another thing abouot beauty.
Don't apply your makeup straight after applying your moisturiser, wait about 20 minutes after and if you do go for a facial anytime then dont apply makeup for 12-24 hours after so you get the full benefit from your facial although your BT will tell you the after care procedure anyway.

Definitely play with makeup, use highlighters and shaders also, these can change the shape of your face, thin it down reduce the appearance of a double chin, higher cheek bones etc

Have you noticed the stars look quite plain without their makeup and thats because the makeup artist uses the shaders etc to change the face shape and eye makeup to give the illusion of smaller, larger, further apart, closer together eyes.
Shaders can straighten a nose, lip pencils can give fuller or thinner lips and prevent lipstick bleeding, if lips are thin then use a lighter lippy or fuller lips can take a darker lippy and if you do the eyes up then go easy on the lippy and vice versa

Oh dear I will shut up eh?.....teehee