Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I didn't do too much today other than overeat and sleep. hehe.

I went out to lunch with a friend today. She is graduating at the end of the week and in all actuality, I'll probably never see her again. She isn't a really good friend, but it still makes me kind of sad because I think, given more time, we could have been much better friends. Graduation time always makes me wonder how many people are leaving that I would have benefited myself by getting to know better. That isn't ment to be self serving in any way, I'm not just talking about making networking connection for life after graduation, I'm talking about friendships as well.

For dinner, I made two new recipes that I found on HungryGirl. I made pigs-in-a-blanket with low-fat crescent rolls and 98% fat free hot dogs. I LOVED them. they aren't necessarily a "good for you" type of thing, but for me at least, they would feel very indulgent on one of those days I want a treat. The other recipe I made was chicken strips. For the crunchy breading on the outside of the strips, HG recommends using Fiber One cereal. All and all, it wasn't a bad suggestion. I think I'd almost rather eat my chicken with no breading, but with it being Fiber One on the outside, I know that extra fiber is really good for me. I ate my strips with some hot sauce --YUM!--and considered my foray into finger foods a success.

I'll be doing my official weekly weigh in a little early this week. I'm going to take Friday off to spend with the b/f. We haven't made any big plans yet, but I'm sure we'll keep busy. There is talk of going on some nature trails to take pictures. I'm excited!


Chris H said...

I hope you have a great day today with the B/F.... your two new recipies sound yum.

Anonymous said...

have an amazing time and those pigs in a blanket, yum yum