Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bad, bad girl!

Since I've decided that my google ads go somewhat off the title of my posts, I'm curious to see if this spawns anything new/interesting. *giggles*

So, anyway, I've been a bad girl when it comes to eating this week. My little sis moved home to be with the parents for the summer leaving me down at college all by myself. I love, Love, LOVE having the house to myself because now I can clean up everything without feeling like I'm being forced to be her maid (she is one of those people that literally does not understand what is wrong with dirty dishes in the sink and dust bunnies the size of small dogs on the floor); however, the bad part about her being gone is I've lost my portion control. hehe. When she is here, I can split something with her and it generally works out as portion controled. If I made a bag of rice, she could have half! If I was really, really bad and ordered a Pizza Hut pizza, I could limit myself to two or three pieces and know that she'd eat the rest. Now I'd be stuck with eating a whole pizza =0/ Same goes with those yummy bags of Lipton Pasta. After being sick on Tuesday, I ate a whole bag of Lipton Pasta by myself on Wednesday. *sigh* But it was some pretty good comfort food!

So, to get back on the "being good" train, I bought a green pepper and some hamburger meat. Today, I'm going to cut the green pepper in half and make mini stuffed green peppers. With low-fat hamburger, tomato sauce, spices, and some no-fat cheese, I figure I can't go too wrong there and they are soooooo tastey. That will probably end up being my lunch and dinner. Since I'm going home early Friday (I have to pick up a packet for another 5k --Eek!!) maybe I can get the scale to read at least one pound lighter. Of course, that will probably require me getting my butt outside and doing some walking. Only problem with that, it has been thunder storms all week long.

So, on a completely different and random topic, my boyfriend's mom (often referred to as my MIL) called my phone the other day. She knows I'm out of classes for the summer (I'm just working on my Thesis) and she wanted to make a proposal to me. She asked me to clean her house and said she'd pay me. I said the first that popped into my head, "lady! I've got my own house to clean." hehe. We have a very good relationship, so she knew I was joking around, but for some reason her proposal felt really odd to me. She said she'd call back later and do some price negotiation, so now I'm trying to figure out what price I'd name if I had to. I mean, do you do it on a whole job bases? Do you do it on a per room fee? Per chore? I won't lie, the money would be nice since I'm going to Vegas. An extra $20 is an extra meal for me...but it still seems odd to be paid by my MIL to clean her house. My guess, she'll want the master bathroom cleaned, the kitchen swept/mopped, everything in the house dusted off, and the carpets vaccuumed. Not an insane amount of work, but all this is compounded by the fact that first of all it is my MIL's house (her expectations of clean vs. mine may be a little different) and the fact that there is a big, stinky English Bulldog running around chasing brooms, mops, and vaccuums.


HamiHarri said...

Hmm…I'd say at least $20 an hour. It might take you 4-5 hours to do all that work (dusting can be a time consuming chore!) and sweeping is no easy feet with a dog running around (I would know, I have two and they are either in the way or walking through the pile I just swept up ;). I think that this is a totally reasonable price, considering she will probably get an extra clean place knowing her sons girlfriend is doing the job (compared to some cleaning people I have seen just make things "look" clean ;p)

Yay! I'm so jealous about Vegas - can't wait to hear where you stayed. My sister stayed at Circus Circus (it was a gift from her Dad) and wasn't a huge fan of it. So I am looking for some reviews of nice, but frugal places to stay if/when we go in September.

PS I'm interested too in what kind of google ads you may get - buy you might wish that you didn't test the system! LOL - (I'm thinking stripper, and other similars ads appearing;)

Linda said...


14lb = 1 stone but I don't know what that is in kg.
I think 2lb = 1kg.

James just creases me all the time, he is sooo funny and such a happy little chappy, life just seems to go straight over the top of his head although it will whilst he is this age but I have a feeling after having 2 other boys that James is always going to be like he is....happy...I do hope so!

My OH has checked my hair and all is well but I'm going to get him to check it daily for the next to be safe than sorry.
I think I have a phobia about headlice....disgusting!!!!! As I say I put dabs of ABC tea tree on my boys hair daily for school.
It makes me mad that some parents just don't bother doing anything......filthy people!!

Hugs hun

Anonymous said...

no worries about your eating I have been doing the same but at least you are back on track with the stuffed green peppers, they sound yummy, let me know how they turn out :)

Lynnski said...

I know it's hard to control portions. I've struggled with that my whole life. Lately I've been eating a lot of salads, veggies, and grilled chicken breasts, and burgers (without the buns). I've lost 9 pounds now.

You will do well. Keep your chin up. And just look at the end results...what you'll look like & how you will feel.

I get very depressed sometimes. Because I've been overweight my entire life. I feel that I'll never get to where I want to be. But my twin did and I know I can do it. I am done with carrying around the extra baggage. It's holding me back on so many things.

Keep going!!!!!!!!