Monday, May 21, 2007

A little chat with the neighbor....

So, today has been another one of those days where I got very little done. *Sigh* I have agreedd to clean my b/f's mom's house for their annual Memorial Day Picnic. Knowing that I agreed to have the house cleaned before Sunday, I decided to do a little preemptive cleaning today. I scrubbed out the bathtub really well and dusted all the furniture. I also swept the floor, but since they have a dog living in the house, I know the clean floor probably didn't last the entire day, much less until Sunday =0p After cleaning up a little, I jumped into my car and headed back down to school (an hour away from the b/f's place).

I was feeling hot and sweaty by the time I made it back down to school (it is has been warm here and I didn't want to burn the extra gas to turn on my AC), but I decided to run down to my mailbox real quick before heading inside to take a shower. Well, long story shortened, my neighbor --who I haven't said more than 2 words to since she moved in 6 months ago -- asked me over to chat for a little while. I was so shocked that I went over and we ended up chatting for a little over 2 hours. She did most of the talking, and there were several times I just kept thinking "I wish I was doing something else right now" but it was kind of neat to get to talk to my neighbor. It was just such an odd, random experience. She told me that she and a friend often walked at night around our neighborhood, and when I expressed interest in their route, she invited me along. I said I'd love to come along sometime, but that I had to go. I grabbed my mail and headed home to shower and cook some dinner.

Well, in the middle of dinner, my doorbell rang. She was at the door and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her for a walk. Since I'd just said I would go not two hours ago, I told her I'd come over after I finished eating. I did go over and we walked almost 2 miles together. I'm glad that we went walking, but I'm still a little confused about what sparked the whole experience. hehe. She said she might come over again tomorrow, if that is the case, I guess I better decide whether I'm going to eat dinner earlier or later than normal. =0)

I didn't remember to weigh myself last Friday and now, after having a weekend full of bad food, I'm a little afraid to do it. So, for now, I think I'm going to just pretend that I don't need to weigh myself. I'm going to work extra hard this week to drop a couple of pounds. If the neighbor does decide to come back over for another walk that would be a great step towards dropping weight this week.

Time to put me to bed. Night night! =)


Christine said...

At least you know that you have great neighbors! :) You're really lucky! There are some people who are hollering at their neighbors day in and day out about silly things - your cat dug up my flowers! Your leaves are on my lawn! Congrats to you on making a new friend and walking buddy.

Chris H said...

How weird, having had nothing to do with each other for 6 months, now you are walking buddies! I am looking forward to seeing your garden once it's growing stuff! Fingers crossed the walking helps with the weight loss.

Fatinah said...

kinda nice to get a new walking route. I can't imagine talking to a neighbour for that long - I've only ever waved hello to mine as I drove into the garage! Now if they had a blog....HAHAHAHA