Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Smell my feet!

Happy Halloween!

Not much to report today. I ate out a ton over the weekend. I was a little alarmed, but went ahead and weighed in this morning and my weight was....*drum roll* 181. WTH!?! I'm not upset to have not gained weight, but I just find it so odd that the body decides sometimes --BAM!-- no more. This is the weight I'm going to stay at.

Nothing new or exciting to report. I'm actually making a list of things I want to accomplish. I'm thinking I'll make daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Maybe 1 or 2 really long term goals, like being able to dress as something exceptionally slutty for next halloween =0p

My NSV for today: My sister and I went grocery shopping together. She decided she *had* to have some sort of cake, and sense she wanted it last week too, I figured she might as well indulge. Afterall, you have a craving for 2 weeks, it probably isn't just going to go away. She bought a 6 pack of cupcakes at the store. I ate one, she ate 5. hehe. yay me! and don't think I threw her under the bus either....she is a tiny little thing. She eats *all* the time and it has yet to catch up to her.

Hope everyone has a safe, fun Halloween night. I'm going to drive the hour to go visit my b/f. I'm not exactly sure why since it isn't a "big" holiday, but I feel sad being apart on special occasions.



Iron-Man said...

I forgot to ask what is your first name?

I am guessing that you might be at a plateau. Sometimes that happens. On the other hand you seem to get away with a lot of cheating on your diet, similar to what happens to me. All that cheating destroys momentum. It is self-sabotage in my case.

Chris H said...

Your sister is to lucky. That is all.

Iron-Man said...

how's it going this week?