Friday, October 5, 2007


Wow! I have to say....if I miss one day typing in this thing, then I miss a couple of months. hehe. Sorry about those that actually wondered where I was. Basically, I was doing school work. =)

The semester has started and though I don't have a heavy course load, I'm really struggling with staying focused on working on my Masters thesis. *sigh* Nothing like trying to pick a direction on a 60-100 page paper. It has to be something I love, or I know I'll never finish it. I have my parents, boyfriend, friends, professors, and other random people in my life asking how it is going and all I can say is....."ummm" Cause truth is, it hasn't gone hardly anywhere. So sad. what is worse is the fact that I'm on the border of lying to people just to have them back off. I haven't gone there yet...I'm trying my hardest to stay away from there....I know what kind of cess pool that could lead to *sigh*

My boyfriend has decided we need to buy a house. He wants one badly, and to be honest, I can't fault him. If I was still living with my parents I would be clawing at the door to get out. Not that my parents aren't awesome, but it is hard to live a "grown up" life with your parents still asking you to bring your laundry down or clean your room =0p anyway, he has been saving cash like mad...which is awesome!...I've always been on his ass to save money...but it is sad too. It is kind of frightening too though. I feel like I'm about to have all safety platforms ripped out from under me. Once I take that jump, in my mind, it is done. We will be as good as married. We've been together for a very long time, and I love him tons, but there are a couple of personality flaws between us that I'm not sure will ever iron out. I guess that is how it is with a lot of couples --and without some strife, there wouldn't be as much love (or love wouldn't be as noticable--) but it still worries me.

On the weight loss front, things have really stalled out. Once I lost that major goal of a Vegas vacation, most of my motivation instantly went out the door. After Vegas, I was back up to my orginal starting weight in no time. Back to the 190s. Boo! So, I started trying to get my butt back to at least eating right. I'm down to fluxing between 180 and 183 right now. I really want to see those 170s come back. I need to start busting my ass. I just can't find that motivation. I kind of wish I had the cash for a personal trainer. Someone to yell at me when I don't show up and bust my ass and someone to hug me when I make it down a couple of pounds. I really, really, REALLY think blogging helped keep me on track. Even though you ladies and gentleman were so far away, I felt some accountability. Funny how that works, isn't it? I've never met you and I'll most likely never meet you....but yet I still value your thoughts.

Forgive me for my absence. I will try very hard to start blogging on a regular basis during the week. Weekends are still mine to hide behind the couch with a bag of chips *sneaks off*


HamiHarri said...

Yeah you're back! I guess I was more worried that something terrible had happened to you...don't worry about being too busy to blog - life happens!

Super crumby about the thesis...what area are you doing your Masters in? Forgive me if you have mentioned this before :)

It's funny how the lack of immediate goals sets us back a bit. I had a weight goal of my own before returning home to Ontario...I reached it, but soon as I arrived I indulged in many a Pizza Pizza visit (my fav Pizza EVER! And they don't have it in BC :( My next goal is Hawaii...but for some reason I don't care as much about that as going home to family and friends...even ppl who love you judge you...

Anyhoo, SO glad you are back!

Christine said...

Hey glad to have you back! Buying a house is so exciting - I really want this but we aren't quite ready. The housing market has really boomed here and the average home has jumped almost 40% - should have bought right after we were married like everyone told us too! :) I think it'll be exciting for you.

Chris H said...

You are back! I had given up on you mate, deleted you from me favourite list even! You are back now..... ta for the nice comment mate.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Welcome back to blogland..
I have shifted my smaller arse over to make priority room for you on the wagon...
Take those reins and lets do it!!!!
Bummer about your school work..but I totally understand..
How did your sister go with her 4th labour?? did it actually happen on your birthday??

Spidey said...

Good luck to you! I still had you on my list!!