Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Report =0p

Okay, okay! I know I said I'd be back Tuesday. Nobody is going to believe me if I keep coming back late =0p But here I am!!

So, after a weekend of over-eating and a week of not being very good (mmm....chinese for dinner last night!) I am still 183 pounds. Hmm....that seems so wrong! I should be back up to 190, but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I have been keeping busy around the house trying to get stuff organized, as well as busy in school work (less time for snacking!) so maybe that evened things out a little. Either way, I wish I had been good and dropped some weight this week because --insert drum roll here-- the boyfriend has off Thursday and Friday this week. I emailed him earlier today that I wasn't sure what time I'd be up at his house and he sent back a response of "...if you make it up here early, we can eat at your favorite restaurant" *giggle* I need to find a less fattening favorite restaurant =)

This weekend we have a wedding to go to. The b/f is actually a groomsman in the wedding, so we have go show up friday night for a rehersal too. Well, technically, I don't have to show up, but since I was invited, I don't know....seems a little rude to not show up. Wedding is Saturday, so this weekend will pretty much be a lost cause. Speaking of lost causes, I had to call and make ANOTHER appt for the b/f's truck. Stupid truck won't start when it rains. The last place we took it to wanted to charge $600 for repairs. He declined service and we've lived with the fear of rain for months now. the problem didn't get any better as the rainy months approached and onset on us, so Thursday, we're shipping the truck to another repair clinic. *crosses fingers* hope this repair bill comes in at less cost --AND--fixes the problem. My vote on what's broke.... spark plugs! I think they have too much carbon build up on them. hehe. That's what was wrong with my riding lawn mower *snickers* I like to cross apply that learning =0p

well, I better leave off here. I prob. won't be back until next monday or tuesday (do you still believe me? =0p ) but for now....I have to get ready to take a test! Wish me luck!!


Chris H said...

Good luck with the test, good luck with the truck repairs and have a wonderful weekend at the wedding.

HamiHarri said...

Have fun...if you feel the urge post some pics of the wedding! :)

Iron-Man said...

Glad you have not gained any weight! Good luck keeping it off and losing more!