Monday, October 8, 2007


Thanks everyone for welcoming me back. I read my last couple of blog posts before the disappearance and I thought I'd update you all on a few things I've talked about in the past.

My sister did get induced on my birthday. To be somewhat fair about it, she felt really bad about having me watch her kids on my birthday. I think she even felt a little bit bad about me having to share my birthday. I don't know....I'm not bitter about it anymore. It is just kind of one of those "family things" where you like to bitch about it a lot before it happens and afterwards it doesn't seem like such a big deal. My new nephew is happy and healthy and growing like a weed. He is a pretty adorable little guy. Also pretty funny because if he gets anywhere near you, he starts nuzzling and trying to suck. Greedy little guy. I often have to remind him that my boobies are mine. Boys! They sure do learn early =0p

Another thing I like to bitch about often in my blog is my little sister and housemate. *sigh* I still have to say, she is driving me batty. Honestly, I have never in my life met a person with less self-initiative. She called me a couple of weeks ago and asked how to change the battery in the smoke alarm. It is not a complicated smoke alarm.....the battery case is right on the front and easy to open. But she couldn't do it on her own without asking for directions. This weekend, I called her 8 times and she never once rang me back. When I saw her today, she said "yeah, I got your message this morning." one of the voicemails I left, I said something along the lines of "I don't care when you get this message. Call me back immediately" *sigh* She frustrates me *SOOOO* much. She is about to turn 20 and she can't/won't do anything without asking permission first. She never picks up on her own. She refuses to take responsability for anything. UGH! When I decided to get my master's degree (in Communication for those of you that have asked) my parents kind of made an "unspoken/unofficial" deal with me. That deal was, they'd buy a house for us girls to live in (instead of the dorms) if I agreed to watch over little sis and make sure she was okay. I'm about to the point where I'd rather live in the dorms than play mother to a teenager. *rolls eyes* We're just *such* different personality types. Even though I tend to be cautious, I cannot just be an absent observer in life. *growls* Even thinking about her is starting to annoy me. What an awful thing to say about ones family!!! Love the girl to death, but yeah, wish I could change her and know that I can't.

As for my weight....after another weekend of being bad, bad, BAD! I am up to 184 again. *sigh* I'm not particularly upset by that number because I know by Friday I'll be back down to 180 or 179. The thing that saddens me is I'll eat like a pig and be back to 184 (or heaven forbid higher!) by next Monday again. Really a pretty predictable cycle for me. Yeah, I know how to break that cycle. Eat healthier and move my butt on occasion --preferrably further than the couch to the microwave =0p --but with the boyfriend taking off a lot of time from work (he has to burn off vacation days before the end of the year) I know we'll be doing a lot more eating out. Maybe at least we'll get into the habit of going out and walking again. We had been doing that a lot and the weather is nice and cool now =0)


Spidey said...

A couple of bloggers seem to have managed to spend their vacation time in the sack, and that seems to result in weight loss for them.

I am married, so I have not had much experience with that in years. Just a suggestion for you though.

Chris H said...

Sorry you are so grumpy about your little sister, I cannot imagine it as I don'th have one. Hope things pick up soon and you can get off the up/down cycle with your weight too.

Christine said...

I think down the line you will have a blast celebrating with your nephew. At least its a for sure family get together for you! My birthday is New Years Eve - talk about sharing a birthday with the rest of the world.