Monday, June 25, 2007


You know those days where everyone you see and everyone you talk to seems to be either sad or in a bad mood? Yeah, that has been my day. I'm emotionally drained and I've eaten way too much. Okay, not way too much, but I'm sure I made it to 1,500 calories today =0)

This weekend was a lot the same as most. I ate out too much, but enjoyed it. hehe. My boyfriend and I have gotten pretty "okay" with splitting a meal when we eat out. I know that might sound kind of odd, but restraunts often send out HUGE portions, so we've found that splitting an entre can often fill us both up. We still get to eat out and have fun, but we don't go home so stuffed that we can barely walk. But we still ate out this weekend. We had a steak, Italian, and pizza. Even though I ate badly, I do believe portion control was excersised.

So, funny story....I bought a bag of spinach and I wanted to try a recipe with it. My b/f offered to make me spinach lasagna. I really resisted this idea because lasagna has two of the food groups that I'm really trying to avoid. My weaknesses.....pasta and cheese. =0) So, long story short, he talked me into it saying that it wouldn't be "that" bad for me. *snickers* yeah, right! I bet there was maybe 1/4 of a bag of spinach in the whole lasagna. There was a whole bag of shredded cheese, 1/2 a tub of ricotta, and about 1/2 a tub of cottage cheese. I'm not thinking it was "good" for me. I have to say though, the b/f is a great cook and it turned out yummy (how could that much cheese and noodles not be yummy?!?!) plus it was really sweet of him to do for me.

Off to bed. I think I'm going to really try to scrub down the house tomorrow. Hopefully everyone around here will be in a better mood. =D


Chris H said...

Chick, that meal sounds devine...if fattening! And hey, I ain't in a bad mood, even though my kids are sick and home all day ! I am fine!

Christine said...

Wow that lasanga sounds so good. Wish my husband knew how to wip something like that up! LOL!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh I am soooo with you on the mood thing... I have been in tears today and had anger and had the works.... I just want everyone to go away and let me be.... and all coz others are in a mood it has sent me into a fit of unrest... dont know if i want to be happy or sad or just tell em all to *p* off.. haha Oh well I've had my whinge now... hope I didnt spoil ya day..;o)

KL said...


Spidey said...

Lasagna is great. You can always cut out something else.