Friday, June 8, 2007


All right, I'm back, again! hehe. The fishing trip was great fun. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was about 75 degrees outside with a lovely wind blowing over the water. When we go fishing with my dad, we don't bank fish. We actually stand in the water. The place we go is someplace he used to go as a kid (near his uncle's farm) so I think it is a really great time for him as well as us.

I didn't catch very many big fish, most of mine were throw-back size (1 lb or smaller), but dad and the little sister caught a huge mess of fishies. Everytime I put my line out in the water, my dad or my lil sis was hollering for a net. I've never seen such big catfish coming out of the water! Normally I'd be really competitive and upset that I hadn't caught anything, however, I don't know if being older has mellowed me out, or if I just really needed the time outside away from the city, but I was completely okay with just sitting on a rock in the middle of the river just listening to the noises around me. *takes a deep breath* It was a much needed body/mind/soul relaxing trip.

As a side note, we used the coppertone sport spray sunblock and that stuff is yucky! My boyfriend said it was because we chose the "no rub sport" formula....but it looked like we'd sprayed hairspray on ourselves. I was so sticky and shiny!! I don't think I'll ever buy that particular formula again.

I haven't been tracking my food very much lately. Since I was in town on the fishing trip with dad, we ate McDonalds twice in one day. *gasp* I know, awful!!! What is worse, I enjoyed it, but couldn't help myself from looking at the fat content. Since I ate there twice in one day, I'm almost guessing I had something like 60g of fat in one day...maybe more. *shakes head* Incredible.

The scale says I'm 183.6 this morning. So, I'm pretty sure that is overall a loss for me. I've really got to figure out some way to track my weight. I know it is still down from the orginal starting weight of 198, so I'm happy for now.

Have an awesome weekend everyone. I'm thinking, I may even go work out this weekend. *gasp* what will they do when they see me at the gym?!?! Probably faint!


Chris H said...

At least you did catch a fish! I love fishing and havn't been able to go for years..I do miss it. Lucky you having 2 meals of McD's and not gaining weight! Have a wonderful weekend.

Christine said...

I have memories of myself last summer - fishing - catching a fish and screaming like a little girl because I didn't actually want to touch it. I love to fish, but ha - don't make me touch it. :) I do find it very relaxing and usually get the worst sun burn out of the deal. Sounds like you have had your fill of MacDonalds for a while - lol. Take care of yourself and have a great weekend!

Lyn said...

Fishing is so much fun, especially if someone is catching them. Pity you didn't have the joys of keeping your catches but fun all the same.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

You mean you don't like being sticky and shiny? (boohaha!)