Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The big question....

So, my fiance finally asked me the "big question" --obviously since I all ready refer to him as the fiance it wasn't about marriage =0p No, he asked me "have you lost any weight?" *sigh* I was honest and said no. He has been encouraging me to "up my intensity" at the gym (something that is more than a little annoying at times) and lecturing me on eating healthier. The concept of the gym, nutrition, and the overall phyisical/mental trasistion required to "get healthy" is a big deal for him. He likes the stuff (more power to him!), but as it is with most things, the doing has been rough. I feel like I am putting effort out there, I just can't decide if it is paying off yet.

The scale is the same weight --but is it just me or are these jeans a little looser than they used to be? Is it just me, or have my thighs shrunk just a little bit? Is my bra fitting just a little bit better? Is my tummy just a tiny bit smaller? I keep trying to look at myself for these changes. Problem is, I see myself every day. I'm not truely sure the changes are there. I think I'm going to take a picture of myself later today to try to get a better objective. I know, only 2 weeks into the whole "gym thing" I can expect miracles, but I do expect something!!!

My fiance's belly has been sick the last couple of days. Not sick "throwing up" but sick not feeling well. Heh, when he described his symptoms to me (feeling bloated, sharp occasional cramps, soreness, feeling drained, etc.) I almost thought he was describing having a period =0p LoL. I thought about saying it out loud, but since I'm not a very nice person when I feel ill, I thought better of it. Anyway, because he wasn't feeling well, he decided to go out and indulge himself. He brought home brownies and cookies. Ugh! If I wasn't going to lose weight before, that sure won't help! I ate a brownie with him last night, and a piece of cookie dough. I'm going to try very hard to let him eat the rest of the pan of brownies on his own. I didn't even *really* enjoy them, so why indulge? The cookie dough on the other hand *drools* --well, cookies are a definite downfall for me. Maybe I'll "up my intensity" at the gym tonight just to not feel too bad about the cookie dough I'll eat later. One piece isn't good --but as long as I avoid eating 5 or 6 I should be okay.

On a bright note, when I flex my arm I can actually feel a muscle now. It it still covered in fat and it isn't very big --but it is there!


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Chris H said...

I don't get it, he's feeling ill but can eat cookies? Lucky man. I hope you can stay away from them... otherwise you are wasting your time at the gym eh?