Friday, July 18, 2008

The hard stuff

So, when you go to the gym and they get out a tape measure, that's the hard stuff. I'm looking at it as a "this tells me where I am" point though. So, on the first day at the gym, this is how I measured. Hopefully in a month, I'll get an update. (one tiny side note --the guy doing the measuring was terrified to touch me. hehe. I think having my fiance in the room made it hard for him to wrap a tape measure around my chest, so I think some of the measurements may be a tiny bit off --but since the same guy will measure me next time, I'm just going to consider that fact my +/- factor. hehe)

Bust: 41.5
Waist: 40
Hips: 45
Thighs: 23.5
Arms: 13.25

Resting Heart Rate: 79 (this is actually high for me. My heart is normally around 72, but as I pointed out to the little F*ck --who I actually like-- he'd just taken my weight. Of course it was a little high! *grumbles*)

Blood Pressure 126/80 (he told me this may be completely un-accurate. I guess the batteries in the machine were dying. Again, that blood pressure isn't "normal" for me. Mine is normally low)

Which bad news to post first --%of body fat? or weight? hehe. *takes a deep breath and remembers this is just a "starting point"

Starting weight: 193
% of Body Fat: 40.8

Today will be my 7th day in a row at the gym. I haven't gotten too adventurous yet. I work out on the machines I was told to use under the supervision of my fiance. He is one of those guys that has been in a gym since football in high school. No, that doesn't necessarily make him "fit" --but he definitely knows what is going on. He likes learning about workout/fitness/nutrition, but much like the rest of us, he is subject to his bad habits.

Every time I go to the gym, I can't help but want to hop on the scale. It is a means of redemption in some ways. A shout out to the world that I am trying to do something. And, the pain in my arms/legs has to be at least equivalent to one pound lost, right? =0p


Chris H said...

I dread taking my measurements right now! Good on you for doing it though, and getting to the gym so often.. but don't forget to take 1 day off a week... your body NEEDS a break sometimes so it can recover from all the exercise you are throwing at it! Have a neat weekend chick.

KL said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back. And engaged! Woohoo!

KL said...

Your story about your fiance on nutrisystem reminds me of when I did Jenny Craig one summer when I was in college. I lost like 25 pounds in three months. Then, I stopped eating their food, and I gained it all back (+ some). I like having the meals as backup so I don't have to cook, but I'm not using them as an actual diet. I think Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are 'diets' whereas I think most of us are trying to make lifestyle changes.