Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lots to think on

So, I've been working out almost 2 weeks now. Why haven't I lost any weight? I mean, even without changing my eating routine, shouldn't I have lost something? No bull-hockey about muscle weighing more, I know it isn't muscle growth stunting weight loss. I'm kind of depressed about it.

The lady at the gym (one of the trainers) said she'd give me some "healthy" recipes to try out. I'm kind of excited, but they have to be "good" for me (a picky eater) and the fiance. I'm willing to try some new stuff, but living on such a tight budget, I hope she adds a lot of bean recipes to the mix =0p Beans are good for you, and cheap!

I'm currently working my getting my Masters degree. I've shared that information before, but what I haven't shared is that I'm totally stuck. I'm tired of school. Which is sad, but it is true. I've been thinking seriously about applying for some jobs. My mom suggested an internship to me today. My thought was "I'll go check it out!" The internship is in the HR office of a hospital. I thought it all sounded good until I checked out the time requirement. It is a 2 year internship! They might as well call it an apprenticeship. LoL. Good news is, interns make $30,000 a year (not "good" money, but nothing to sneeze at). Once you are done interning it has a very high "permanent hiring" rate. Those people generally make $48,000 a year. So, here is the question. Do I put the Masters on the back burner? Do I agree to giving away 2 years of my life? Do I take a job that has never particularly interested me before (HR isn't really where I dreamed I'd go with my life)?

I don't know the answers to those questions yet. One thought is, it can never hurt to get interviewing practice. Another thought is, gosh we could use the money.

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HamiHarri said...

Hmm...I'm not sure what you decided...but I have to ask how much longer you think you still have on your Master? If it is not too much more you might just want to "get it over with" now...

Or, if you did take this job could you continue to work on your Master while working???