Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things to do tomorrow...

Library --return books DONE
Walmart --buy cilantro, spray butter, and possible V-day present! DONE
Home Depot --get our window shades "shaved"
Helzsburg --see if I can get my "free gift" and my jewelry checkup DONE
Recycle Papers --see if I can get the billion of newspapers to the recycle bin at the school DONE

Wash laundry
Check mail DONE
Call lady that hit my poor car (and get insurance info)
*gulp* weigh in DONE

I'm taking a page out of Diet Coke's book --or maybe I should say blog -- I listed what all I was going to do today, and because it was written down, I finished the majority of it up =)

I went by Home Depot, and had a lovely chat with the guy back in the window shade dept. He told me I'd been told incorrectly about how much they could take off the side of the shades. I had been told 1/8 of an inch, but he said they could only do 1/4 of an inch. That's a lot more off than I want/need. Damn it! So, I called the fiance and he told me to go back later and try talking to the people I talked with the first time. Looking back, I wish I had just kept the stupid things in the car and had them cut the first time around. Oh well, hind sight is always best.

My experience at Helzburg was actually really good today too. I don't know if the "economic crisis" in America has made companies realize they actually need to provide customer service now, or what, but I was shocked. Normally they treat me like I'm not good enough to be in the store. Maybe I'm just "old enough" now to look like I could possibly have money. I don't, but looks can be deceiving. My only other thought is, has losing almost 25 pounds really made me that more "approachable" or made me look like that much less of a "slob"?? I mean, honestly, I feel better about myself, and I can understand confidence translating into better service, but it really does make me wonder if I'm not just more socially acceptable at this point. How sad would that be? What a knock on society. Even at my heaviest, I was always well groomed, clean, polite, etc. Just makes me a little bit curious.


Chris H said...

The last thing on the list will be the hardest, but I hope the best!

HamiHarri said...

I'm a total list maker - love 'em!