Friday, January 23, 2009

A new year....

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting. With all the holidays and such, it has been hard trying to "keep on track" with everything. I've been doing okay with the weightloss since starting weight watchers. I don't know how much I weighed technically when starting, but just from the WW alone, I'd say I've dropped 10 pounds =)

My fiance is doing WW with me. I worry about him a little bit because he doesn't eat anywhere near his point value. According to the book, he should have around 40 points, but generally he doesn't break 30. Me, on the other hand, I'm supposed to have 24 points and I either come right up to the 24 mark, or I'm way under it. I can't quite seem to find a happy medium.

Every Friday is weigh in day. It is also the day we have a "date night" and cheat on the diet. So, first thing Friday morning, we jump on the scale and record our weight. I bet you can't guess what I'm avoiding doing now =0p I think maybe I gained weight this week. So sad =0/ It would be the first week since starting WW that I had actually gained. *shakes fist* darn that boy of mine for convincing me he *had* to have pizza hut on Sunday! I peaked at our food journal --we right down everything we eat and point values -- because it is where we record our weigh-ins at and he is down another 2 pounds. Grrr! Anyway, I weighed in first thing this morning, but something I figured out last week was if I weight 30 minutes to an hour, after waking up, my weight seems to go down. I don't know why necessarily, it isn't the morning tinkle or anything silly like that...but hey, if it can get me back to last week's weigh in numbers, I'm happy =)

*stretches arms* I'm sore! I went and worked out yesterday. I really tried focusing on my arms/back --and geez am I ever feeling it now. With the help of a gym worker, I've fallen into a kind of "circuit" when I go to the gym. I still don't love going, but I do feel better after walking out. Yesterday, though, I wasn't paying much attention during my circuit and when I pushed up on the "hip sled" machine, I realized I'd made a very dumb mistake. I hadn't noticed that some jackass had taken the pads off the shoulder bars of the machine. Ouch! I don't like being the type of person to root against other people, but I really hope that the New Year's Resolution crowd will do one of two things:

One, I hope they quit. I don't wish anyone to fail, but if you aren't going to take it at least a tiny bit seriously and if you are going to bang the weights and break the equipment because you don't care enough to take care of it --well, good ridence. I don't like the gym, but that doesn't mean I'm slamming stuff around, talking on my cell phone, and just being generally annoying. Oh, and while I'm on this rant, let me get one more thing off my chest....if you aren't using a machine....DON"T SIT ON IT! I hate the people that pull up a seat on a machine to talk on their cellphones >.< I don't like having to say "excuse me, could you please move so I can work out" =0/ Oh, and can anyone help me with some advice on this one, some of the more serious gym people are really into "super-setting" right now. I was doing my leg workout and she asked if I could stay off of 3 different machines because she was doing sets --that it'd only be like 5 minutes. What the hell? Should I compromise my work out because she is training for a competition? *off rant*

Second, I hope they learn to succeed and treat the gym with respect. I hope they can see that all the machines are getting broken and they change their behavior. I hope they are just as tired as I am of having to check a machine to see if it is in working order before hopping on it.

Okay, I've stalled long enough. I guess I better actually go do my weigh-in. I'm sad because the weight is going to be up, almost as sad as I am that I feel "bleh" today with a cold. *stalls a little longer* 172.8 --last week was 172.2. I'll take that over gaining an entire pound =) Maybe my muscles are trying to grow =0p

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HamiHarri said...

Congrats on starting WW!!! My sister joined some time ago and is down 20 last I heard - I think it is a fab program...but it's a rude awakening to see what my oreo blizzard is worth in points - eek!