Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clean, clean, clean....

That's my plans for the day. Forgive me for not being overly excited about it though >.<>.< So, my plans for making him happy used to revolve around food. To be honest, I haven't decided 100% not to make something *awful* for dinner like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy with some oatmeal cookies afterwards. I don't want to blow our diet --but it would be nice to see him smile. I just don't want to depress him later in the week when he doesn't see a loss. *sigh* So insead of cooking, I'm going to start cleaning up the mess we call a house. To be fair, it really should be spotless considering I can't seem to find a job. This "economic downturn" in the USA is really making it difficult to compete for a job. I'm thinking later this week I will call a temp. agency and see if I can start finding at least some part time types of jobs. I'd like the experience, and we need the money. I'm tempted to post my resume on the blog. See if anyone has a suggestion. I'm tired of playing a housewife (no offense to anyone that enjoys the occupation --I'm just not very good at it). After a couple of months of having my efforts to keep the house clean go unnoticed, it just became easier to let the mess pile up. Now I clean once a week at best. I'd be fired if I were a maid =0p Speaking of being fired...my car needs to be! Okay, maybe it just needs a check up instead of being chucked out, but the "check engine" light came on yesterday. Very sad. It has been such a good car --hopefully it just needs a cheap fix. Two things: 1. If you live in the Kansas City, MO area and you are aware of a job (entry level is fine) that could utilize a communication degree --please post! I'll take any random ideas. I comb the careerbuilder site often, but would be interested in any personalized, possible job opportunities. Even just leaving a company name would be great. 2. I need some WW breakfast ideas. With 24 points a day (soon to be 23!!) I don't like spending much more than 3 points for breakfast. Sometimes I splurge with 6 points, but then I have to be careful with lunch --eating something like a can of Progresso Soup.

I'm worthless. I got very little cleaned today. I did wash 3 loads of laundry though. The last load is in the washer now. Hopefully I'll have it in the dryer before fiance comes home.

Do you ever have those days where you look back and wonder where the day went? I swear I didn't get anything accomplished today, which makes me wonder, what did I do? And honestly, I don't know where the time went >.<


Chris H said...

BLOODY HOUSEWORK.. I hate it. It is never ending and thankless.
I don't think I got anything done today either... what with looking after poor Teddy and stressing about family shit flying around me head! Grrrrr.

Chris H said...

Forgot, can't think on any 3 point breakfasts either, I dont' do breakfast!