Monday, January 14, 2008


Oh my goodness! SO much to tell you all! Let's start by answering the questions about the holidays.

There are TONS of presents under that tree! My mom and dad have 6 kids. Of those 6 kids, 5 of us are either married or in "serious" relationships. From those relationships, they have 10 grandkids. hehe. You can probably see how the presents start piling up!

The holidays were great for me. Lots of time relaxing and brainstorming about upcoming school project. Oh yeah, have I mentioned yet that I'm officially engaged! *girly giggle* No dates set for the wedding, we're thinking sometime next year. Before getting married, we're trying to buy a house --an interesting concept considering I made $0.00 in income this year >.< The fiance (hehe...calling him "fiance" vs. "boyfriend" makes me giggle) has a great job, but still frightens me to go into buying a house with only one job. Just giving a heads up that this blog may morph into a wedding/house shopping/weight loss blog. hehe. Life is about to get a lot more interesting.

So, on the weightloss front, today is probably a bad day to blog about it! I just got finished eating some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Ever notice that when you decide to "be bad" you go all out? hehe. I was lazy tonight, so I ordered chinese and then made cookies. LoL.

I've trying new veggies as part of a new years resolution. I've also vowed to start getting water drinking back as a habit --instead of grabbing that ever-present and amazingly tastey diet coke. The fiance and I have also decided to start taking pictures of ourselves at least once a month. It is hard to track progress without some sort of reference point. He kind of gave me a "revelation" the other day. He asked me what I wanted to weigh at my wedding --with the basic response of less from me =0p Then he said, if you lose 3 pounds a month...a'll be 36 pounds lighter by the next year. 154 isn't an ideal weight for me, but it sounds like a lot of weight vs. 190. I read people's blogs that say they lose 3 pounds a week, surely I can lose at least 3 pounds a month and keep it off. 4 pounds a month, is 48 pounds --50 pounds lighter in the new year--1 pound a week. 5 pounds a month, is 60 pounds that could be off my body. By next year, I could be 130 pounds! I haven't been that light since high school. Breaking it down like that, makes it sound so much easier. LoL. I'll try to keep that in mind next cookie binge.

Well, I'm going to try to be back, but no promises. Right now, goal is to blog at least 2-3 times a week. *hugs*

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Chris H said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement sweetie! All the best.