Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday -catch up!

Hello all--

First off, let me say I did NOT get that ice cream. *pats self on back* Okay, to tell the truth, I had very little to do with not getting the ice cream. When I picked up my little sis and asked if she wanted to get some sweets with me, she asked if I wanted to be a fat cow in a wedding dress. hehe. Okay, she didn't quite take it that far, but she got the point across. So, no ice cream for me. As for binging, I held off until the weekend. What exactly is it about the weekend that makes it a magical "okay" to binge time? I read several blogs and most of us seem to struggle with the lack of schedule on the weekends. I try to plan out food schedules, and sometimes that helps, but they generally seem to get the best of me.

Thanks for the advice on house buying. Yeah, for the most part, almost everyone says not to get emotional about the new purchase. We haven't even started looking yet, in fact, I just sent off my first email inquiring about a property and asking if we could do a walk-through. My hope is to hold off on buying for *at least* 6 months; however, the fiance is very ready to move into his own home. I don't blame him, if I still lived with my parents I would be anxious to get out too. I just hate the fact that I honestly don't think he realizes how lonely he will be in a house all by himeself, nor do I think he realizes the extent of "brokeness" being a home owner will entail. I don't know, would you sacrifice your spending habits for the chance at some peace and quiet? hehe. No matter how good it sounds, I found that I got awfully lonely living by myself. My little sister drives me batty, but it is still nice to be able to cook for someone other than just yourself.

I find it kind of odd that houses in Canada are so expensive. The housing market in the USA is currently in a nose-dive. Tons of forclosures from people that tried to take an adjustable rate mortgage and couldn't keep up with the balloon payments, as well as lots of builders stuck with houses they thought they were going to sell, but with the market down, can't. One of the houses we've been watching was listed at $169,900 for the first couple of months we started toying with the idea of buying a house. Yesterday, I looked to see if it was still on the market and it is, but now is priced at $154,000. Yay!! Actually, market analysis are predicting that the housing market will continue to fall for at least the next 6 months or longer. Sounds an awful lot like the US is going to go into a recession =0/ what a great time to be getting ready to come out of college, again. *sigh* I really should be able to come out of school and make at least $40,000 --but I'm thinking if I can get a job making $30,000 to start off at I'll be doing good.

I started another blog of sorts. I'm going to try to track my food choices there. Hopefully I'll do it on a daily basis. I need to get back on sparkpeople to see what my daily "goals" for calories should be. I've always heard to shoot for about 1200 if you are a girl, so that's what I'm going for so far. Today's final numbers:

Calories: 1255 Fiber: 12 Fat: 22 Protein: 74 --2.5 liters of water

I am exceptionally proud of the water intake, but know that I need more fiber and probably a little bit less fat. Oh well, at least I've made a start in the right direction. Recording the calories I eat per day *really* helps me decide that I don't need that 100 calorie pack of cookies at the end of the day.

What I really, really, REALLY need to do once I get my diet under control is make it back into the gym. I'm hoping by next month that the majority of people out there will be tired of their new years resolution to go to the gym and that I'll have the place to myself again. Fighting over work out equipment sucks.

I'm off to bed. Have a wonderful day ladies and gentleman!


Chris H said...

I hope house prices drop here soon! We are in the process of selling and then re-buying and the prices in Auckland (biggest city here) are astronomical! We are having to consider spending up to $700,000 to get a decent home !!! Good luck with your hunt.

HamiHarri said...

Whoot! Good on you for not having the ice-cream…seems hard at the time, eh? But when you get through the craving it feels good to have not succumbed.

Can you recall exactly what your sister said to you? My sister has been trying to loose a significant amount of weight for years. She did end up loosing over 40 pounds on the Dr. Bernstein diet…but that wasn't a lifestyle that was torture for her (and she gained the weight back). She had been talking and talking about loosing weight for my wedding in June. At first I just told her it doesn't matter, but now I don't say anything because it doesn't matter either way…she hasn't been loosing any…and it gets annoying how every time we are together…whether shopping or going to a movie - she talks about how fat she is… But then we'll go out for dinner and she'll order the fettuccini Alf redo and WHILE she's eating it say how fat she is. I would love to be able to support her without harping on her or being insensitive.

I guess it totally depends on where you live in both Canada and the States. I think you can buy a house (not very nice mind you) in rural Saskatchewan for $7000 - but you come to British Columbia and the mid-house range is over $600 000! Similar to parts of Texas and Chicago/New York/Los Angeles.

Oh, and I was wondering if you have any pics of your ring?!?!? I luuuurve looking at jewellery :)

Ironside said...

I think that the gym is key! The most important step that you can take!! Go ASAP!