Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Save me from the ice cream!!!

So, the last two days I've eaten fairly well, until the night time. That is when the sweets craving really kicks up. Right now I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need a McDonalds caramel sundae *smacks lips* Even trying to remind myself of the 190 I saw on the scales earlier today isn't helping override the want for the food. What the hell is wrong with me?!?!

Well, at least I've worked drinking water back into my life. I've been drinking at least one liter a day, and often 2. Of course, I feel like I've been drinking beers and have "broken the seal" as often as I find myself needing to use the pisser. Oh well, that's good health for ya I guess =0p

I'm sitting in the school library right now. I should be paying attention to school work, but instead I'm playing with the new laptop my dad loaned to me. My parents are SOOOO great. In fact, probably a little too great considering how spoiled I am. Boy oh boy oh boy will I miss the free ride they have given (and continue to give) me.

Oh well, back to school work I guess. I have another hour and a half before my little sis will be out of class and ready to go home. I never should have offered to drive her up here, but the forecast was threatening snow and I know she hates driving in it.

Argh! Make me stop thinking about ice cream!! I've been doing so well, I think that might be the problem. I keep thinking to myself, reward yourself for doing well! but that is what my cheat day on friday is supposed to be for --ugh! I want to stay strong, but honestly, I think I've all ready talked myself into getting one.


Chris H said...

Sometimes it is better to give in and just have one... or else later on you may end up having a monumental binge! Life is for living too mate, and it does include an ice cream once in a while.

HamiHarri said...

First of all, let me say CONGRATS! Whoot! I can't wait to read about all of your wedding planning, house buying adventures - FUN! Did you know that I had two blogs? A life one and a wedding one? LOL

Second of all, I have to ask, did you end up getting the sundae? LOL - it sounded verrrry good the way you described it.
I need to lost 10 pounds (doesn't sound like much, but the last 10 pounds are truly the hardest!) - not just so my pants fit better but so I can fit into my wedding dress! Yep - it barely zips up...

Yep, we are building a house (or rather, have bought into a new housing development that is building a house for us - fun!) We've never bought a BRAND new place. Either it was from the 1940/50s (which needed a new back deck - a new bathroom - all in the last year - we rent it out back in Ontario ;)
Or our newer condo (2004) which was just paint etc…which we are getting ready to sell ;)

Biggest tip that I have (and was given to me) is don't become "emotional" about buying a house - lol - even though I believe this, the one we just bought was a TOTALLY emotional purchase…we want to try for kiddies in the next few years and it was kinda like buy it now or never (as the average house price is in the mid $600Ks where we live - eek!

Bye for now!
PS I'm soooo happy you're back!