Friday, August 8, 2008

Making judgements....

So, I can't help it. I always pre-judge people. LoL. For a girl that isn't slim, trim, or at all on track with the fashion game that should make me feel a bit ashamed, but I think it is just a human trait.

I've been talking to a guy on the internet for about 6 months now. Not a blogger, but another World of Warcraft (WoW) player. He was in town for a convention, so my fiance and I chose to meet up with him. I guess he wasn't exactly what I expected to see. I always think that "gamers" are younger, but I'd guess he was 5-10 years older than us. He seemed nice enough, but a little shy. So here I am reflecting on all that and all I keep thinking of is, "wonder what he thought of us" okay, I'm more self centered than that. I wonder what he thought about me! Did he see?!!? Did he see a "girl-next-door", a "lard-ass", an outgoing personality, or someone shy and withdrawn?!?!

Don't you wish sometimes you could be a fly on the wall after you leave the room. *sigh* It would be such a great trick for meeting new people and interviews. Just my random thought of the day =)

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Chris H said...

This is why I have my photo on my blog... then no one who meets me is expecting some DAMN HOT MAMMA! Cos I'm not! LMAO