Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone =D This last week wasn't an absolute eating disaster, but I had my share of holiday fun =) My lil' sis celebrated her 20th birthday with some german chocolate cake and pizza hut pizza. Did I indulge? oh my yes! Then the next day was thanksgiving, which brought with it chocolate pie and pumpkin pie. hehe. I stepped on the scale today, Monday, about an hour ago to see my weight was...*dramatic pause*.....184.4. Not too bad everything considered.

Ironman aka Spider asked me what I'm studying this semester. This semester, the focus is on modern communication. So, I'm looking at a bunch of stuff like "does advertisement count as a form of rhetorical communication?" or, in other words, "are we, as a society, what we see on tv?" lol. I like this stuff. The class has a very post-modern feeling to it. Nothing can be categorized. Everyone's reality is their own, and though I may view it, their thoughts can never 100% accurately line up with my own. When I see a pizza hut commerical, I may think --Why can't I eat pizza and look like the skinny blond girl there. Whereas the girl sitting next to me might think something along the lines of --maybe I'll order pizza tonight and see if I can get any friends over. We saw the same commerical, but somehow a totally different message was transferred over the airways. I like that. I like trying to figure out what the message the advertiser was trying to send was, and then seeing how that message was received by the masses. A great example is the show Family Guy. Personally, I love the show. However, my very conservative friend thinks it is the coming of the anti-christ (gotta love living in the Bible belt). Same show, I see it as a fun social commentary and she sees it as pure evil =)

On a similar note, I really, really, REALLY find myself intrigued by online communities. I'm an avid gamer. I love World of Warcraft. I never thought I'd be a fan of the Mass Marketed Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) but I've made friends online that I'd visit in a heartbeat. I've never met them in person, but someone we've shared enough through a make-believe landscape that I'd like to get to know them in real life. =0) The same concept goes for a lot of online blogging. I mean, be honest! Hasn't there been somebody's blog that you've read for the past couple of months/years and thought they sound like an interesting person to meet. I'm interested in studying how that intial communication takes place, how the bonds/relationships form, and how they develop over time. I know, I know...I'm a geek! But the truth of the matter is, I find it absolute facinating that I'm talking to people around the world about the same things. Weight loss, rowdy/lazy kids, house work, finding a job, etc. There are a lot of shared bonds between us, even if we're millions of miles away. Number one bond being that need for communication. To know someone out there is listening. To have the ability to communicate our feelings, even if it is just with ourselves in a personal blog.

*steps down off of soapbox* sorry, I get passionate sometimes, just throw something and I'll generally shut up =0)

Let's see. Today was an awful day for food intake. I was really, really, REALLY craving McDonalds this morning. I caved and bought a double cheeseburger. the whole time I was eating it, I just kept thinking to myself " you better enjoy this 26 grams of fat you're eating" which of course, somewhat lessened the enjoyment. It was yummy though. Dinner was half of a small tostinos pizza. Once again, I knew it was evil as I put it in my mouth, but yummy. Follow that up with a snack of buttery popcorn and a few dark chocolate pieces thrown in for a little bit of sweetness and you've got a recipe for a naughty day for food intake. hehe. Little sis got a hot chocolate maker for her b-day, she brought down some for me. *smacks lips* Yeah, I'd hate to actually try to count calorie intake and or fat intake for the day. I am resolved to be much better tomorrow. However, knowing that I've got a BIG presentation to plan for on Wednesday and an 18 page paper to start writing isn't helping that resolve much. You know what I think *may* help that resolve??? A big fat shiny engagement ring. My boyfriend and I have started ring shopping! I am happy and excited and nervous all in the same second. The wedding wouldn't be for *at least* another year, but still something to consider when I'm thinking about what is going into my mouth.

I'm going to do another shout out here. I am a lazy, lazy, LAZY little girl. If you have any recipe ideas that are healthy, I'd love to have them posted here OR give me a link. I'll make sure to link back to your blog and give credit to you for finding the recipe. HELP!! Please!! Growing up, my mom never forced any veggie down my throat other than corn. I ate my first salad when I was 15 years old! That was seriously my first encounter with even considering eating lettuce. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

*hugs* take care bloggers!

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Chris H said...

I can't believe you didn't eat a salad till you were 15!!! That is mind boggling! as for recipies, I am bloody useless! OOOOO ring shopping!!!! You lucky chick, don't forget to show us when you get it!!!!!!

Ironside said...

You want to be Bridezilla not Hogzilla!!! You have certainly been eating up a storm. I wish I was there cruising around with you to all the food joints. Can you imagine if a bunch of weight-loss bloggers got together for a week?? Lot of pounds added.

You have some interesting classes, I guess you are studying advertising? That is kind of sad that it is taught in colleges. I remember when it was history, literature, science, etc., and the professors would sneer at Madison Avenue and the television culture. I guess the world evolves!!

Good luck with your classes and your diet, get an A on both!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Wow... your classes sounds really good!!!
I hated school with a passion when I was younger... now I find it good (when I get off my arse to do a short course that is...)
But I think I enjoy the social side of adult schooling.. hehehe