Monday, November 12, 2007


Omg!! This week is going to be fun, but absolute craziness. My boyfriend has taken the week off of work (he is required to use up a certain amount of vacation days, or lose them), so I'll be driving an hour back and forth to school this whole week. hehe. Like I said, craziness! We've both said we are going to try to encourage eachother to "eat well", but the fact that there are 3 different kinds of ice cream in the freezer leads me to believe that we may be fooling ourselves. But, I think we're both set on at least making informed choices and thinking about it before it goes into our mouths.

I found a recipe on yahoo for alfredo that is "low fat" that I'm thinking I'm going to try next week. It isn't going to taste as yummy as the "real deal" but it sounds good. Since that is one of my all time favorite foods, it is worth a try. I'll report back how it turns out. I think I'll put some chicken in mine to up the protein and make it a more filling meal. I may try cutting the recipe in half since it is just the two of us (my sis and I) eating here.

Have a great week everyone! I'll catch up with you later.

P.S. Hey Chris, you are right about my little sis. When I was home over the weekend, talking to my mom, she asked, "So how's raising a teenager going for you?" Grr! hehe


Chris H said...

Your Mum was a very clever lady palming little sister off on you, that's for sure! Get rid of the ice cream mate... and I DO NOT mean down your throat!!!!!

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Look up pesto recipes, those are also very low fat and really easy to make. Happy (healthy) eating!

Iron-Man said...

So how did the week go? What are you studying this semester?