Thursday, March 22, 2007

In the beginning....

Okay, so I've meant to do this for quite awhile now. I, along with millions have decided to lose weight this "new year". Yeah, I'm a little slow to get started. It is almost April, but I'm doing good. I've been "good" for almost 2 weeks now. Maybe I'll really keep this up.

So, lets the beginning....

...I bought a scale. That is probably where a lot of women go wrong, but I did it. I guess a scale is a nice way to check reality. I know I wear a size 14 in jeans, but that doesn't see "so" bad. However, seeing a scale that reads 193 was a real wake up call for me. When did I become almost 200 pounds?

So, where did that leave me? I knew the facts were grim.
1. I 5'3" and damn near 200 pounds. Not a pretty picture.
2. I am lazy.
3. I lack cordination.
4. I lack will power.

Pretty easy to see where that 200 pounds came from after all, huh?

So, what did I do? I joined a least sort of joined a gym. It is a community center, but they have lots of machines and bikes and treadmills and other things I don't know how to use. That first day was rough on me. I felt pretty stupid not knowing how to even use a treadmill. Now, I consider myself a pretty smart girl most of the time. I'm getting a graduate degree, but I can't figure out how to use machines that I see 7 year olds jumping on and using. So, I sucked it up and asked for some help. Two weeks later, I'm still trying new machines every day it seems and working towards goals.

Setting goals...

I want to bike ride without falling over after 5 minutes. I haven't exactly decided what that goal is right now. The first week I struggled to go 5 minutes. The second week I bumped it up to 10 minutes. I feel pretty good about being able to go 10 minutes!! 3 miles, 10 minutes --sounds freaking amazing to me. I'll be honest, I'm proud of that milage and time span.

I want to walk 3.2 miles in an hour. Hehe...odd milage huh? I know, but there are these "walks" that you enter for good causes. My b/f really wants to do these walks as a together thing and right now, I can't honestly say that I'd be able to finish three miles in that time span. That is my goal. If I could take time off of that, hurray! Right now I'm just trying to walk a mile in 20 minutes. As the weeks go on, I'll make it another mile.

Why I decided today was the day to write...

I keep track of my weight in an almost unhealthy manner. hehe. I'm not going to any crazy extremes here (if I did, I'd be losing weight!) but I have watched it fluxuate continously the past couple of weeks...I have lost a couple of pounds...nothing extraoridinary, but it is a start. I've been pretty regular about going to the gym, which is amazing for me, but still nothing out of the ordinary. What is special? Today I put on a pair of my size 14 jeans, one of only 3 pairs I can wear and they slipped on with no problems. Still not seeing what is special? Let me help.


that's right. No "fat pants" stretches. No tightness for the first couple of hours. Just slipped on. I don't know, maybe it is a fluke. The scale said 188 this morning...but I have to say....I am still excited. It was really motivating for me. Now, if I could get my eating under control along with doing this excersise stuff I may actually be on to something here =0)

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