Friday, March 30, 2007

Fell off the wagon...

This week I fell off the wagon BIG TIME. I don't know why exactly, but it has been a "bad week" from the start. I limited myself to one cinnamon roll, but that didn't stop me from pouting with a bowl of ice cream later in the week, as well as some dark chocolate. I'm back up to 190 and kind of depressed about it. I guess I just shouldn't weigh myself, but it seems like such a BIG victory to see the number go down. I just wish I wasn't so crushed when it went back up. I've got a plan now though.

My goals:
I want to lose 2 pounds every week. That seems to be a recommended "healthy" number for weight loss. If I lose more than that I won't be upset, but that is the goal I am setting for myself starting Monday. (hopefully my weight won't be more that 190 come Monday morning after my weekend binge) To lose this weight, I'm going to try to eat "healthier" but to tell the truth, most weeks, I don't feel like I eat that poorly. In fact, I'm not 100% sure I always get the 1200 calories that I am "supposed" to have in a day. So, in hopes that I'll notice the stuff I put in my mouth (that I'm obviously not noticing now) I'm going to try to start a food journal here. You can see just how unexceptional (and lazy) my cooking can be. The other thing I'm going to try to do is at least 90 minutes of cardio a week (--for me, a week is Monday thru Friday--since this is time that I am away from the boyfriend) I'll try to record my successes on that as well.

If you do happen to stop by my blog, please, please, PLEASE leave nasty posts if you notice that I haven't been writing. I try very hard to keep myself on task, but when I stop doing something, I stop doing it big (like not eating well this entire week!)

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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