Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help Please!

I need help please! My fiance and I have been talking about doing weight watchers. His momma has done the program and when she was on it, she lots almost 50 pounds. So, I have a couple of questions.

We have all her old paper work --to check the points of foods, calculate excersise, etc. What I need help with is answering a couple of questions, and maybe just a little advice. So, if you can help with any of these questions I'd really appreciate it.

Question 1: I get 24 points a day --Fiance gets 41 points per day. How exactly are we supposed to eat together if he has almost an additional 20 points! I know he is supposed to have "more" food than me, but that seems like a lot of extra. To be honest, I'm almost jealous!

Question 2: I read about the difference between the flex plan and the core plan. I think the flex plan would be the best to start with --making sure we actually count the calories of what we eat. My question is --does anyone have suggestions as to what made the individual programs work better for them?

Question 3: Anyone have recipes? I'd reall love to see some of them posted. Or, do you know a website that has lots of recipes added to it?

Question 4: Real life, or online subscription?

I'm sure I'll have more questions as the program goes on --we haven't actually started it yet, just starting to read about it now. I appreciate any and all help =)


Chris H said...

1) He's a man, therefore they 'presume' he does more physical work... so needs more points. Whatever. He can eat those extra points with more meat than you, an extra potatoe or two, some more dairy. Just grin and bear it...
2) I prefer the 'flex' plan, it is more structured which is what I needed.
3) You should not need recipies! I never did, just ate what I would normally, just less! You have to follow a diet that is what you would eat for life or it's going to fail.
4) Real life! That way you get the support from the Leader in your face, the support of others in the meeting who are doing the same as you and can give you advice and friendship along the way.
Weight Watchers DOES work, but only if you want it to, and are totally commited to following it through. You can follow it to a 'T' or do what I did and follow it as much as you personally want to.. while sticking to the points. I did NOT DRINK BLOODY WATER, not one drop and still lost 61 kilos!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

I know nothing about WW as I have never done that program... Good luck with it I have only heard good about it... (I couldnt justify the cost... always been too poor or felt the money was better spent elsewhere) I still managed to lose 41 kilos just watching my prtion sizes... and following a gluten free diet... (the reason for my horrific weight gain over the years...)
I still manage to eat lots of naughty things and have mnitained over the last 2 months... but I do go to a support group and weigh in every week... cost of $4 a week which includes $1 for the sports card and get the opportunity to win $10 every couple of weeks..
I wouldnt have been able to stick to my weight loss as well if I didnt have that weekely weigh in.. so I think going to meetings would be the best thing to keep you honest!