Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sorry I haven't been able to post much lately. I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row before I head off to Vegas! Lots of packing, cleaning, arranging for mail to be picked up and grass to be cut. Not to mention, last night I looked at my boyfriend and said, "Who is supposed to drive us to the airport and pick us up?" --uh oh. That's a tiny little detail we'd overlooked. Hopefully we can figure out someone to get us there by Friday morning =0p

So, of course this weekend was nothing but drama since it was leading up to the weekend we're going out of town. lol. Friday night the b/f got home from a business trip and slept the rest of the night. Boy, I hope I don't have to tell you how old I felt sitting at home on a Friday night all by myself. Just me, world of warcraft, and some gas station nachos for company (Your fault Spidey!! You reminded me of a love gone by! *giggles*) Saturday morning was okay. The b/f made me homemade biscuits and gravy, my absolute favorite food. (diet? what diet?!?!). More WoW was played until *pouts* the b/f had to go into work. He only has to work on saturday once every 3 months, but I still hate it interupting our time together. However, I'd planned to use the time he was gone to catch up with my parents and siblings. A couple minutes after I closed the door behind him, the phone was ringing. His truck was broken. *sigh*

A quick car switch for him (he had to be at work and was all ready late) and some help from his mom and dad had his car pushed back up the street and parked on the side of the road. Oh yeah, did I mention it was pouring while we were all outside pushing? hehe. I know this will sound sick, I was really sore the next day from all that pushing, but I thought it was kind of fun to get to move the truck. it was a big sense of accomplishment. LoL. Plus it gave me an excuse to play outside in the rain. with him at work, that left me to call the insurance, ask about free towing, and start calling around to dealerships to see how fast they could get his truck in for a look-see. Of course, since this happened on Saturday, no mechanics were available. *sigh* So, instead of heading back down to school on Monday, I went ahead and stayed at his house. I got ahold of a mechanic (Who was super sweet to me. God bless people with patients and manners. I think he asked something like "what seems to be the problem with the truck?" and my answer was something along the lines of "It won't go" hehe. He walked me through it though and was great!) and had the truck towed. In between all this stuff, I also got the MIL's house vaccuumed and the floors swept. hehe....which is only funny because after I'd done all this, she called my b/f to ask what I was doing if I was staying in town to help him out and she wondered if I'd be interested in helping her out with a little cleaning =0p

Still no word on what is wrong with the truck. When I called to check in yesterday they said it started right up for them with no problems. *sigh* Isn't that always how life works out? We asked that they still poke around a little bit. this wasn't a problem of it just not starting Saturday. Sunday it was having problems too (it started but blew black smoke out the tail pipe and off the motor--yikes!) and Monday morning it once again refused to start. Today I need to get the majority of my things packed for the Vegas trip (Friday morning first thing we're on our way to the airport!), the grass mowed, bills paid, and the house cleaned up so I won't be coming home to a disaster area (nor will I worry about what I left mildewing in the sink). All this needs to be done fairly quickly because my parents are having their "4th of July" celebrations tonight, on the 3rd.

So much to do!!!! What am I doing sitting around on Blogger!?!?

Take care everyone! I may or may not blog for the next 2 weeks. Don't forget about me though. I'll be back =D


Christine said...

Have a great time!

Chris H said...

Have a FANTASTIC time in vegas mate, I know you have been looking forward to it for ever! Find an internet kiosk and update at some stage! Let us know how many millions you have won!!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like an interesting day!!!
Have fun while you area way!!! Live it up!!!

Spidey said...

Have fun on your trip!