Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boo to goals...

Well, I was kind of down on myself the other day. Those "goals" I created are all ready WAY off track. I weighed in at 166 last Thursday, so hopefully I'll be near 164 this thursday. I'm not holding my breath too much though. It isn't that I haven't been motivated to be good, it is just a lack of motivation in general. I think getting turned down for one too many jobs has got me feeling a little "bleh". I'm not eating to overcome this bleh feeling....just not pushing to be overly good either.

I was feeling pretty unsuccessful yesterday, but you know what....I've lost 30 pounds. That's in and of itself is an accomplishment =) I've decided I"ll celebrate that 30 pound loss and slowly keep chugging away. I'm only 16 pounds away from my first mini goal. Another 30 pounds from being smoking hot. LoL. Okay, maybe not quite *that* hot, but I'm on my way. I might be going slower than I'd like....but I'm at least working on it =)


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