Tuesday, March 4, 2008

House 2

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I thought I'd post what house 2 might look like. The odds of us getting this house are pretty slim. It is actually put up by the government. They kind of do a process like eBay --people put in bids on the house and then you either win or you don't. Like I said, our hopes aren't up on this one, but thinking we might try it anyway.

It is a pretty house from the outside. A little plain --I love the windows the last one had--but the 3 car garage is nice and the price is in the $150,000 range which is pretty great. Inside it needs a lot of paint. I swear the people who had this house decided to paint almost every wall a different, bright color.

I'm really getting tired of this house hunting process. It is so stressful. I feel so bad for Chris trying to sell her house, I can't even imagine that extra stress. Our friends tell us the best thing to do is "not settle". That sounds so easy, but I'd really like to have this whole process over. I started thinking about it, as long as the house has sunshine coming into and "decent" bedrooms and a nice kitchen and bathroom I'm set. You know, they say before you start looking for houses make a list of everything it has to have. In the beginning, I wanted a fireplace so badly! Now, with all the new construction being gas fireplaces (expensive to turn on!) I don't really have to have it anymore. Now, I want a nice kitchen, a whirlpool tub, a shower, a back deck, and a decent sized backyard. Those are pretty much my "have to have" things. I would very much like if the master bedroom's closet wasn't in the master bathroom --don't know why, but that set up just annoys me.

Any advice from those of you that all ready have a house? What is something you wish you had now that you didn't think to look for in the beginning?


HamiHarri said...

Ooooo! This one looks great too :)

As you know, our new house is currently being built (and we are busy trying to sell our condo)…I think I could live a very, very, very long time in this new house. I mean, unless we move back to Ontario, why else would me move.

It has:

-3 Bedrooms: None of them are huge, but big enough to be comfortable. There is one for us, one for a future nursery (some day!), and one for a guest bedroom. If we do end up having two children we'll loose the guest bedroom…but we're planning on purchasing a pull out couch…so that will have to do for guests.

-2.5 Baths: I never thought I would *have to have 2.5 baths. In all honesty, I would be completely content, even thrilled to have two bathrooms. One for Patrick and one for myself…lol…Pat thinks it's silly to have our own bathrooms (especially since our ensuite will have dual sinks - whoot!). But, let's face it…boys are messy…lol…and I can tolerate cleaning my own toilet…but not his! (or anyone else's for that matter ;) Two bathrooms are uber handy when guests are over (they feel like they have their own space) and I imagine they're handy with children…you can have their bath stuff everywhere and then keep the other bathroom as your "spa retreat." I honestly think a powder room is a bonus and totally not a "must have" in my books.

-Fenced yard: Because we have two little doggies that don't always listen, it was a *must to have a fenced yard.

-Fireplace: our condo has a gas fireplace which I LOVE. Our new place has an electric fireplace…it looks pretty nice and the one in the show home seemed to give off the same amount of heat as the gas…but there is something about gas fireplaces that I love! In my dream house I would have a gas fireplace…but it isn't really a *must have.

-Entertaining area: A place that is well laid out and has room to have a nice formal-ish dinner party and a place to store my future fine china…it doesn't have to be a separate room, but it should be roomy enough.

-Entryway or Foyer: This is another *must in my books. Our new house has a beautiful entry way…I feel pretty lucky to have it :) And although our condo doesn't have the windows and the high ceilings in it's entryway, it is a big enough space for a couple of guests to come in and take their shoes off. Our first home's entry way was in the kitchen…I hated it. It felt awkward when people came over…

Other than that, the rest are just various finishes that I prefer. I don't need a huge kitchen or a huge garage. Our new place does have central vac which we've never had… so I'll be interested to see how handy that is. Oh! Another thing that I really like, but isn't a *must have, is laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms. In our first home the laundry was in the basement…not a big deal - but if I could choose, it would be on the same floor as the beds!

I guess it depends on the type of person you are and how you were raised, but this house (aka your first house) won't likely be your last. I'm not saying you should settle, but try to realize it might not have *everything you want. My sister is having this challenge right now. She is 32 years old and is looking for her first home. Here in British Columbia, house prices are pretty high. Many "fixer upers" in the city of Victoria are over the $500k mark for a 3 bedroom family home (our new home is just on the city limits of Victoria…in a little area called Colwood - so it is a mite cheaper ;). My sister refuses to pay this much for a fixer uper (I do too, this is why we are moving to Colwood :) However, she expects HUGE rooms…I call her furniture "Ontario sized" - where homes are much larger and much cheaper. She has huge oversized couches, loveseats, arm chair. A huge king sized bed with a massive wood bed frame, etc. Therefore, she can't find the layout she likes. When she does come across a room size she can live with, it has a crapy layout, or it doesn't have 2.5 bathrooms, or there isn't room for a separate shower and jetted tub, etc, etc. I try to remind her that she can't have it all…it is her first home and none of us are millionaires here…lol

Don't worry, you will find yourself a home you love.

I also wanted to let you in on a little secret… I'm going to Las Vegas in April!!! Don't comment on my blog about it though, 'cause it is a birthday gift for my fiancĂ©…lol…he is going to be very surprised. As a result of a mess up by Priceline…which I am going to dispute with VISA, I am currently booked into the Luxor. The "big" reveal is on Saturday night as his b-day party…I'll be sure to blog about it :) My sister and her husband are joining us too…we're pretty psyched!!! Whoot!

Chris H said...

I have DOUBLE the stress mate... first I have to sell my house, THEN I have to buy another one.... my list of essentials is:
- Nice Kitchen
- 2 bathrooms/loos
- 4 bedrooms
- large airy living areas
- Double Internal Access Garage
- a POOL!!!

OK the pool may have to wait, but it is soooo much wanted! But we know you can't get everything in one house. So... you have to decide what is most important.