Monday, February 11, 2008

House Drama!

That's the house! It is a split level house, so as soon as you come in the front door, you have to choose if you want to go up or downstairs. At the top of the stairs is a room with a big cut-out in the wall for a big screen TV. Immediately straight is the kitchen. I think the kitchen is the room I'm the most in love with in the whole house. OMG it is amazing!!! First of all, it has tons of lighting in a vaulted ceiling. That on its own would be very cool --what makes it better is that it goes up to a skylight. It is a pretty amazing sight. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs. They are all nice and big. We'll probably make one of them a guest room and the other a computer room --at least for now. The laundry room is upstairs and has a nice cabinet and shelf all ready built in. =0) The downstairs is "unfinished" --and when I say that, I mean completely unfinished! I can still see the insulation poking out of the walls. They need to be sheetrocked and everything that goes along with that process. I guess this will a "several year" project. We've talked about making it everything from a wet bar, to a video game room/movie room, to just a cool lounge type atmosphere to hang out in with friends.

So, that's the house in a nutshell. It is really pretty. I like it a lot. I hope we get it, but we'll see what happens. The fiance and I are going to go talk to mortgage people wednesday, if all goes well we might put in a bid!

Going to head towards bed --I'm so far behind in school work that I'm going to try to get up super early tomorrow.


Mishugo Kakamoko said...

I am very happy for you! It must be a wonderful feeling, and as you get the house together it will only get better!

Chris H said...

I really love the look of THE HOUSE! Fingers crossed you get it!

Lyn said...

How friggen exciting!!! Love the house, too cute!!! Mind you just seeing the snow makes it cute for me! (heheh can ya tell we don't get snow here??)

Hope u get it!

HamiHarri said...

Gah!I've been away too long! This is sooo exciting! Good luck with the mortgage stuff :)

I haven't been posting much because work has actually kept me busy - who knew this could happen! J/K!

If you end up going for it I can't wait to see interior pics - big bedrooms are awesome!

PS I love how pretty the snow looks!