Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yay Xmas!

Yay! Finals are over. I should know by Thursday *fingers crossed* what grade I'll be receiving in my class. This winter break, I HAVE to start working on my thesis. I at the very least need to get a solid idea put together.

I don't really know how to describe my coursework. It is not advertisement, or marketing based, it is deeper, and yet more generic than that. It is truely trying to understand language. To be able to understand why one person says "murder" while another says "abortion" while another says "free-choice". The ability to understand how language brings us together, and at the same time tears us apart. It can be applied to advertising, marketing, PR, community relations, etc. --but this degree isn't really targeted at any of those things. Sometimes I wish it was, so when people asked what I'm going to school for --or what I want to be when I grow up-- I could give a simple one word answer. I'll try to answer more questions if you have them, feel free to ask.

Now that finals are done and I have more or less a month off of school, I'm going to try to be really "good" with my food intake. All ready this morning I talked myself out of biscuits and gravy and into some oatmeal and fruit juice. Not quite as satisfying overall, but the much better food choice. So, easy to meet goals for the week:
1. Keep track of food intake.
2. Take fiber pills.
3. Do at least 2 workouts. (cardio, arms, legs, something! Just get moving!!!)

Time to go to the food market. I'll be back later *hopefully* to record food and reflect on the day.

I stayed really on track until dinner time. *Sigh* Isn't that the way of the world? I even saw the train wreck coming, but did little to stop it. I had mac and cheese for dinner --which is a no-no for me-- but at least paired it with some really yummy low-fat Healthy Choice sausage. The real killer was the cup of hot chocolate I had later that night. Boo! *slaps self on the wrist* I didn't even want it because I was cold, or because it sounded super yummy. I wanted it because I wanted something "soothing" to do while on the phone with the b/f.


Chris H said...

I hope you enjoy your month off! And can stay on track with the food and exercise, a big ask at this time of year!

Ironside said...

Sounds like psycho-babble. Once you graduate you will spend a year at a CIA camp getting Muslims to eat pork and then you will be ready for fame and fortune on Madison Avenue!